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Entrepreneur Growth Hub (EGH)

In today’s digital and disruptive age, many individuals want to be entrepreneurs to pursue their passion and financial aspirations. However, the journey of business ownership is never easy nor clear. Wit and grit alone don’t guarantee success, but knowing and right people and leveraging on connections can help pave the way.

Here at the Entrepreneur Growth Hub (EGH), we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to be an entrepreneur. We aim to provide a platform for business aspirants to gain access to the relevant tools, resources and people to enable, educate and encourage them on their path to success.

Beyond the coworking space, we’re developed our start-up incubator to help young entrepreneurs address their pain points by providing the following key services:

  • Mentorship – find a “sifu” to impart knowledge and insights
  • Networking – make connections with potential business partners
  • Funding – get matched with an investor to seed your business
  • Talent – access our talent pool of graduate students
  • Market Access – leverage on our industry and government contacts to expand locally and abroad
  • Dato Seri Dr. Michael Tio

    Entrepreneur in Residence


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